Being a volunteer at Solclipse means that you play an essential role in the succes of the festival. We believe that your skills, dedication and passion could make a significant difference in our efforts to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.
To be a volunteer comes with the responsibility of being a committed and reliable individual, that is well aware that unexpected challenges will come up. Faced and defined as an opportunity to thrive as a community embracing the rewards that emerge from every conquered obstacle. Your contribution will not only be valued but will also have a positive impact on the lives of many people. We welcome volunteers of all backgrounds to complete the requirements below to be considered for our team:
– In order to ensure that everyone carries out their tasks assigned in its punctual timing, every volunteer must purchase a full       price ticket in advance, that will be returned upon accomplishing the totality of their duties.
– Show up on time to the assigned shifts in fit condition to achieve the tasks. 
– Respect each and everyone, be responsible while performing your duties.
– Bring your own camping gear.
– Find joy in the service of volunteering and make use of communication skills.
– Arrival and departure will be defined according to the specific volunteering program each individual will be assigned to.
– Expect to be needed at unexpected moments in other areas that are not necessarily the program you signed up for. 
Our volunteer crew holds a special place in the heart of Solclipse, that is why its important to us to make sure we are offering the best conditions for our volunteers to be comfortable during their program. Volunteers will have access to:
– Delicious and healthy meals 
– Campsite dedicated to volunteers
– Outdoor kitchen 
– Help and support from the community 
If you feel the calling to join this family please send us an email and we will get back to you with the different volunteer program available along with the next steps for your application.
Thank you 
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