Our Vision


As veterans in the psychedelic scene and inspired by the legacy of our involvement in previous solar eclipse gatherings around the world. We bring together a team of local and international event organizers and artists, joining talents and experience to form Iris productions, the core team behind Solclipse Festival. For us the total solar eclipse is an opportunity for unification and harmony in the psychedelic space. A gateway between organizers, artists, labels and freespirits to advance forward. Collaborate and participate in the formation of a collective consciousness that we experience when we dance, using music as the greatest power to spread love and uplift our spirits. Iris’s goal is to offer spaces of sacredness where each participant is invited to experience connection, togetherness and freedom of expression. Together alongside various consortiums Solclipse flourishes forming a local and worldwide productions network.


Seeding and developing interactive and immersive gatherings with the highest purpose of shifting into a collective mind. Leading the way to transcend our actions through positive impacts for the current challenging social and environmental situation forced upon modern society. Solclipse is an universal gathering to elevate our frequency and future viability on earth. As a planet striving towards peace, we will celebrate life and all humanity. Beyond a festival, part of our mission is to welcome and encourage new generations to flourish alongside Solclipse. We would like to invite talented humans of different disciplines to join and collaborate in this movement as an opportunity for the global community to connect and remember that we are all one. Each playing a unique note in the universe’s song, simultaneously nurtured by the same sun. Our sole hearts beat weaving alike vibrant resonance of unity within each and every one of us.