What is it all about

A Totality Gathering

Solclipse – A profound transformational gathering bringing people together from all walks of life to witness the spectacular phenomena of the Full Solar Eclipse. Acknowledged as the most glorious sight the heavens can provide. We are honoured to host an exquisite sound and unity journey. Set to occur on a backdrop of sand, waves and palms in Mexico. The homeland to one of the most ancient cultures to have predicted and recorded total solar eclipses . Get ready for an astronomical event of all times!


Path of Totality

Solar eclipses are a rare and magnificent event visible on a narrow track throughout the earth’s surface that is called the path of totality. Every time tracing different locations, making every single eclipse a completely unique experience. Humans have been following eclipses as far as they were able to chart and predict the patterns of the moon and the sun.
Today travelers and eclipse chasers continue to cross continents and oceans to observe and experience a few ecstatic minutes of penumbra.